Hello. I’m Corey Ogburn.

Before I was even out of high school, I had a professional programming job. After school I began contracting. Usually it was a “6 month contract to hire” kind of situation but for one reason or another I moved on to another place at the end of the contract. Maybe it was office politics, maybe the project came to a close, whatever the reason my career was filled with constant change and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve worked in the financial industry a few times, GIS companies way more than I thought I would, and even pharmaceuticals for a stretch. Professionally, I’ve managed databases (SQL & NoSQL), written more backends than I can remember, and even maintained a private Ethereum network for a start up that (of course) went under. I worked full time for a contracting company with the sole purpose of going to a company and helping them finish their projects.

Now I’m jumping contract to contract learning everything I can. I’m capable with C#, Java, Typescript and Javascript, and dabble in languages like Python, R, Rust, and have an intense interest in any programming language that could be called “esoteric” but right now Go is definitely my top choice for most projects and work I take on.

That’s what I’d put in my Tinder profile if I wasn’t already married.